Gergely Horváth

The Northern Cardinal model airplane

I’ve never been that much of an aviation nerd, but building a model airplane has long been on my bucket list. What happened is I stumbled across the FliteTest YouTube channel where they build all sorts of crazy planes. The idea of building something that can fly really got into my head, but the model building hobby has a high cost of entry and I wasn’t sure whether it would really stick with me. Fortunately a good friend of mine already had some experience and some parts laying around and he was kind enough to give me a push in form of a plane building kit plus he let me borrow his transmitter. The plane I got was designed by a local (Hungarian) engineer nicknamed Styroman who runs a CNC cutting business at The model is called EPP Ultimate and it is available to buy as a kit here. There are barely any instructions, but with some advice from my friend and the workers of a local model parts store I managed to figure it out in the end. I decided to paint the plane red and black for better visibility in the sky. Because of this colour scheme, I decided to name the plane Northern Cardinal because that’s what came up when I Googled “red bird”. Overall I’m very pleased with how it turned out and can’t wait for its maiden flight.