Gergely Horváth

This Website

Making this website took way more time than I anticipated. Instead of a few days it took more than a week. My web related skills were quite rusty and there were some new tools that didn’t even exist (like CSS grid) the last time I created a website. The Net Ninja YouTube channel was a great resource both for refreshing my knowledge and learning some new tricks. After considering many content management systems I ended up with Jekyll. Since I only wanted to deliver static content it looked like a great solution and when I saw how well it integrates with GitHub Pages it really was the most obvious choice. The way it is set up now is super convenient. I can write posts in Markdown in any editor (I really like VS Code) and just push it to GitHub. I’m still looking for a better way to add simple image galleries like the ones you can see on other project summaries. Also there seems to be a bug with the responsive layout at a certain window width… Gotta figure that one out.